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Multifunctional Furniture Boosts Office Productivity

Having less but more functional furniture can be the key to improving productivity and saving your precious space. Learn more about this, below.

Many drivers can enhance a company's performance. Still, one of the most crucial and sometimes overlooked is the potential for furniture to adapt to your company’s needs. Here is a collection of 5 key reasons to choose multifunctional furniture that can increase office productivity.


Make better use of space

One of the growing concerns is finding the best use of available space. It is a factor of productivity to make the most of existing resources, but now, when a new normal prevails, making space distribution is a more poignant issue. Multifunctional furniture can help fulfill different tasks, thus generating diverse space savings and better use of the available area. File cabinets that can function as seating, desks with the capacity to be transformed into a collaborative work area, or merely multifunctional seating, are some of the many possibilities.


Providing greater flexibility

According to a recent WorkDesign study, 76% of executives considered workstation design crucial in office productivity. More critical was office space’s versatility, rated as very important by 88% of survey participants. This is why multifunctional furniture also plays a crucial role in today's businesses, as it can also be adapted to meet particular needs as they arise. The modular stations can be adapted to expand, enhance, or adjust their functions straightforwardly. For example, if a higher level of concentration is required, there are units capable of providing a higher level of privacy and isolation to avoid distractions. With a series of simple steps, these individual exercise units can also be transformed into a space for collaborative creation; this may be required when a project emerges when a crisis arises or in multiple scenarios where closer work between office colleagues may be required. Having quality adaptable furniture allows you to do this without building new facilities or making radical changes in the office.


Optimizing features for better office productivity

There are circumstances in which a single multifunctional piece of furniture can also be useful for a single person and add various tasks. For example, height-adjustable stations are beneficial in today's office, as they can be easily adapted for different activity types. If we are making a plan, a model, or studying documents, we may need a large desk area at a low height. However, if we use this surface to work with some type of monitor, we will likely be more comfortable elevating the work surface. A single piece of furniture can adapt to multiple functions in the same work area.


Customization properties

This type of furniture also allows different people with different characteristics to take advantage of the same space. For example, suppose your company runs in shifts. In that case, an individual can occupy a work area in the morning. Later, or on another day, another person can occupy this position but can adapt the workspace to their preferences to do the job more efficiently. This will adapt them to work more comfortably, something that is beneficial for their health. For example, always keeping the screen at eye level will also boost offices’ optimum productivity by limiting eye strain.


Improving coordination

There are many companies where teamwork is a crucial factor in improving performance. Modular systems with interconnectivity capabilities are very convenient and can contribute to the needs of collaborative work. However, having a good set of multifunctional furniture is an advantageous option to create spaces without making intricate adjustments, making it possible to modify entire areas and departments to serve immediate needs better. 

For example, perhaps a new project has surfaced with new priorities, or more structured work is required between two particular departments.  In such a situation, adapting spaces quickly and efficiently will significantly improve productivity in the office, which can be achieved with the right furniture.  

Good, flexible, multifunctional, and dynamic furniture is also the solution when you have temporary offices or a constant need to evolve business processes since all kinds of adjustments can be made quickly and easily, even if we have to relocate the facilities. Multifunctional and quality furniture such as those that can be acquired with internationally renowned firms such as Gebesa is an intelligent investment, which will maintain entire areas functional in the long term, with the ability to adapt to the many needs that may arise during our business development process.