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Popular Office Decor Styles And Their Impact

The interiors of your office must give a company overview before it has been delivered by a person. But how will you do that?

The first thing that a person notices when they enter a room, is the decor. Companies often underestimate the impact that office decor has to offer their potential customers and employees.

How to decide on office design ideas and decor

The decor of office space should be such that it reflects the companies values, work culture, and attitude to its visitors.

The interiors of your office must give a company overview before it has been delivered by a person. Hence, the importance of office design.

To ensure that the company decor is exactly how you envision your office to look like, you must first decide upon the style of decor that you prefer.


Two common decor styles chosen by both big and small companies are retro and modern.

When selecting the decor style for your office, you must keep three things in your mind: the industry that you serve, your employees, and the kind of customers that you cater to.


Traditional office design ideas 

A retro-style may reflect credibility and experience. A traditional office is divided into many departments including marketing, finance, HR, operations, IT, etc.

Well-distributed areas 

Each department has its own sitting area, which is either shared between the people from the department or divided amongst them.

The furniture for a traditional-style office will be adjusted according to the division of workspace.

You will need larger furniture to seat groups if the members of the department work together.

Moreover, the office equipment bought for each department may vary according to their needs. There could also be a common printing room for the convenience of the employees.


Hierarchy-guided spaces

Offices with a traditional style follow the power hierarchy or separate the regular employees from their seniors.

If you're planning on a traditional style interior for your office, then you will have separate cabins for various departments and executive employees.

Furniture for such an office design is selected according to the position it will be placed at.

For eg: You might need different pieces of furniture for the boss's office and the office for the employees. You might want to place a couch in the boss's office.

Reception areas

There is a reception area in traditional style offices. The reception table should be selected with great consideration, as it will be the first thing that the customers approach. You might even need a couch in the reception area.

The color theme and the lighting in the cabins may vary from one another.


Modern office design ideas

A modern office style reflects efficiency and competence. When going for modern decor, you need to pay special attention to the purchase of furniture.

You must keep in mind which furniture is needed where and what are the functions that it will serve.

Moreover, you need to establish which areas in your office space are used for which tasks.

Diverse and sufficient furniture 

You need enough desks and chairs for all of your employees, so you must chart out how to fit the furniture in the area without letting the space look messy.

Most modern office spaces have furniture for both large and small groups. Hence, you might need to purchase furniture like a conference table for groups of people, along with individual desks and chairs.


Comfort over looks

An important point to note is that you must not prioritize the style and the decor over the comfort of your employees.

Do not buy edgy and flat chairs that are uncomfortable, only because they match with the modern decor.

The functional needs of your employees must be met and they must be provided comfortable chairs to keep them productive.

The furniture items are available in both contemporary and classic styles and you can choose a collection that fits the overall look of the interiors.

Valuable private spaces

Most modern offices either have cubicle office design or the open space design.

Depending upon your choice of seating, you could use partitions to separate employees and offer them their own private spaces or create one room for everyone.

This will make your office space look more modern and organized.


Color schemes matter

Pay special attention to the color themes in different areas of the office floor. Install lighting that goes well with the modern style decor.

To make sure that you choose the right office style, you should consult the management and try to understand how the office could be managed efficiently.


Get a hand when making these choices

The office style that you choose will influence the relationship between the employees, the work environment, and the work culture, and the process must be carefully planned. How will you do that? We've got you covered.