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      Oct 3 , 2019
    8 Modern Office Features

    Color, lighting, open spaces, decoration, among others, are some of the characteristics of modern offices.

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    L-shaped desk design: functional and modern models
    by Gebesa | 23 June 2022 |

    The right work desk can make a big difference in the productivity of employees. L-shaped office desks are one of the best choices because of their versatility and elegance.

    L-shaped desks are characterized by having a 90° right-angled extension, forming 2 work areas.


    The main area is where we will perform our daily work.  The complementary wing will serve as a support for all those tasks that we need. Thus, its location is strategically designed so that you can access any point of the table without moving too much. 

    This auxiliary area can be used, for example, to keep all the tools tidy and to be able to carry out your routine with greater comfort and efficiency. Likewise, it is also usually the area where telephones, folders, filing cabinets, and printers, among others, are placed.


    Normally it is recommended to use the computer in the widest part of the table. So that it is in front of us and we have a comfortable position to work.


    The 90° L desk from URBAN offers generous space, making it possible to serve the clientele by placing extra chairs. 

    When we have space problems in the office and it is not possible to place another desk, the L-shaped desk gives us the option to place another workspace for another collaborator and create work islands with different shapes, breaking the uniformity of the office. 

    G-Connect Option C features a file cabinet as an immediate archive for important documents that we use on an ongoing basis.


    Perfect for middle management executives, the Peninsula L group from CYBER will help you create collaborative offices and hold meetings with several people, where access to a meeting room is not available. It has an ergonomic design, easy assembly, and voice and data conduction hidden in its firm metallic structure.


    The Executive L-shaped set is ideal for private offices. Its design is perfect for senior and middle management positions, as it offers ample space to work, as well as a safe place to store important documents. 


    Continue to learn about Gebesa's wide variety of models that satisfy both functionality and taste at the same time. 

    Contact Gebesa to find the ideal  L- Shaped Desk to suit your office needs!




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    What to look for in your ideal office chair?
    by Gebesa | 13 June 2022 |

    The search for an ideal office chair can be complicated, especially if you don't know what you're looking for. Everyone has certain needs and there are many considerations to factor into your decision.

    Overlooking an important feature of your new chair could affect your health. Poor back support, a forward-leaning neck, or lack of arm support are just a few examples of problems associated with the wrong furniture that will ultimately lead to problems. 


    1. Ergonomics

      A chair without adjustability is not ergonomic at all. Look for chairs that have multiple adjustment options to ensure constant comfort. Especially if multiple people will be using the office chair, you should make sure that all elements of the chair are adjustable. This includes the armrests, seat, and backrest.

    2. Suitable upholstery

      It is recommended that it be upholstered with materials designed to withstand continuous use.

    3. Adjustable height

      Your chair should be adjustable in height according to your height and more specifically to the length of your legs. It is estimated that for 90% of people, the correct height is 17 to 20 in above the floor, allowing for proper positioning of the chair and work screen.

    4. Lumbar support

      The best work chairs are those that support your spine from top to bottom and have a backrest that protects and maintains the natural inward curvature of the spine. 

    5. Armrests 

      They should allow us to maintain a comfortable posture, forming a 90º angle with our arms. This element aims to help you keep your forearm in a horizontal position so that you can rest your wrists on the desk without deviations or efforts that become injuries in the long run. 

    6. Wheels

      The wheels on the base allow for greater comfort when changing posture or moving around the workstation. It is recommended to look for 5-legged chairs with wheels, this will give you greater stability and mobility in your workspace.


    The LOFT executive chair has an ergonomic design made of resistant and soft tactile leather that provides optimal support and comfort. 


    The center-tilt mechanism of this chair allows for recline release and fixed position locking. It also features a height-adjustable function that allows it to adapt to the user's desired posture. 


    Its materials and aesthetic projects an image of elegance that will make your office a more sophisticated workspace. 


    Contact Gebesa to find the ideal office chair to suit your office needs!




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    Workstation. What is it and what are its benefits?
    by Gebesa | 25 May 2022 |

    Workstations define the environment design and allow optimizing spaces so that collaborators can perform their tasks in the most comfortable way.  


    There are individual workstations and collaborative workstations. Workstations need to have all the necessary features to support collaborative work and the growing need for focus time.


    Our engineers and designers created a product that is aesthetically beautiful, but also stable and versatile. START Option D, allows the creation of 2-user workspaces, making it perfect for equipping open spaces with the aim of making them more dynamic and encouraging collaboration between users.

    The Option D workstation includes 2 screens. Provides a larger work surface, greater support, and separation between each workstation.



    The minimal number of components makes START easy to install. Simultaneously, it is easy to expand allowing for a large number of configurations to meet any space planning.


    Customize your workstation with our wide variety of options to use with START: privacy panels, cable organizers, power outlets, and USB ports, among others. 

    Quickship is now available, make your purchases in a safe and reliable way! Contact us!


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    Mobile Office Furniture
    by Gebesa | 10 May 2022 |

    Mobile offices have become increasingly popular due to their multiple benefits: they are highly efficient, offer flexibility, and are fully functional to serve any need. 



    Mobile office furniture

    Mobile office furniture allows you to change the style and look of the room from time to time by simply changing the location. For example, the rectangular table is easy to roll and can help to create more space to integrate new users, encouraging collaborative work.  

    The mobile whiteboard  will help you create a sense of community in the office. It also acts as a creative and productivity-boosting tool. 


    Mobile office furniture is assembled from pre-made parts, so they can be quickly assembled and disassembled for easy relocation, like the IKA  nesting chairs  that turn each space into a flexible zone for different purposes and number of users in a matter of minutes. 

    Mobile office furniture is used for equipping and creating different workspaces, thereby providing a solution to multiple needs.


    The nesting table allows a flexible and adjustable workstation that adapts to each space and each user. This flexibility is one of the main features that differentiate it from traditional office furniture, where once finished, any changes or customization may require a large investment. 

    At Gebesa, in addition to our wide range of products, we offer specialized consulting services for the development of your company's spaces and resources. Contact us!

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    Types of file cabinets and how to use them
    by Gebesa | 26 April 2022 |

    An office file cabinet is a structure that stores files, papers, or documents that are important to a company. It is one of the most useful tools in the workspace as it allows people to organize themselves and keep information accessible.

    Office file cabinets come in different types and sizes, that work for different needs and spaces in the office. 



    Horizontal file cabinets

    The urban file cabinet is ideal for organizing files. With up to 4 sliding drawers, perfect for hiding office items that need to be stored. 

    The 1 and 2-drawer file cabinets have a padded cover that can be adapted as an improvised waiting room. The 3 and 4 drawer file cabinets have a laminated cover. 

    The size of the file cabinet makes it perfect for storing a large amount of belongings and has a core lock which, if the main key gets lost, can be opened with a master key without the need to violate the system.



    Keep documents safe and organized with our Global collection of horizontal file cabinets,  distinguished by their aesthetic design and the resistance of their materials. With an anti-tilt system that avoids opening two or more drawers simultaneously.


    Vertical File Cabinets

    The CONCORD cabinets, are an operative and functional design that adapts to different work environments. Ideal for those who are looking for practicality, but who demand high performance in their daily work.




    CYBER Cabinets, are ideal for any type of office, with up to 4 drawers to store important files. Their practicality and space-saving design make them ideal for any type of office. 

    The REQ Cabinet in wood is suitable for any type of office. It has 3 drawers to keep your belongings organized and within easy reach. It provides security, organization, and style to the office.


    The powder paint in all of our file cabinets makes them highly resistant to the course of time, scratches, bumps, or mishaps.

    At Gebesa we provide solutions to your company's storage needs with a wide range of options for maximum space utilization. Get to know them! 

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    What’s the right height for your desk?
    by Gebesa | 4 April 2022 |

    The right choice of furniture for your office has to do with decorative aspects and with taking care of our body and mind daily. 

    The right height of an office desk is one of the main elements to consider when it comes to avoiding problems related to poor posture


    When the desk is too high, you raise your shoulders. But, on the other hand, when the desk is too low, you start working in a crouched position.

    This can cause physical pain, but also difficulty concentrating, reduced productivity and even more serious health consequences.


    Office desks usually have a height between 26-30 inches, with a height of 28-29 inches being common. This height is ideal for a user of between 64-74 inches in height to be able to work comfortably while maintaining good posture at all times.


    An office desk should allow free movement of the legs. We must have space between the desk and our legs so that they are not compressed. 


    Having a desk with the right height is much easier with a height-adjustable desk (link). It allows for better adaptation to the user's anatomy at any given moment while extending the functionality of the desk.


    What’s the right sitting posture?


    1. The monitor is below the horizontal visual axis and should be at least one arm's length away. If the screen is too close or at the wrong height, stiffness forms in the shoulder and neck areas.
    2. The keyboard and mouse should be aligned with the elbows. This way, the torso is not loaded on one side, which avoids tension in the shoulder, back, and neck muscles. 
    3. Use armrests. These prevent the hands from twisting and protect joints, tendons, and nerves from the hand to the elbow. 
    4. The pelvis should be slightly tilted, ergonomic chairs and cushions contribute to this. 
    5. The feet should be supported and if possible parallel to the floor. The body automatically acquires a healthier posture and the load is distributed evenly over the body.

    Follow our tips to avoid physical discomfort and optimize your work environment. Curious about which desk is right for you? Discover all the options that Gebesa (link) has for you. 

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    Modern Office Storage Furniture
    by Gebesa | 21 March 2022 |

    When talking about office furniture, the focus is on desks and chairs. However, one of the most important elements in the office is storage

    No matter the work area, extra space to store and sort materials, files, and invoices will always be a necessity in the office. 


    Office storage furniture has always been of great relevance because it plays an essential role in day-to-day office life

    High-Density Mobile File

    The high-density mobile file is the ideal solution where high-density shelving capacity and secure file storage are required. 


    Its versatile design maintains or improves security along with easy adaptation of accessories – including drawers, file holders, and trays – depending on the user's needs. The system works on rails and hallways open up for easy access

    The mobile bookshelf, available in metal and wood veneer, is the ideal solution to satisfy the needs of organizations in terms of space utilization and optimization.  


    3B Locker

    Our lockers are ideal wherever storage space is limited, optimizing vertical space and providing maximum privacy. Options include one to five tiers per locker.


    Gebesa storage solutions exemplify clean design, sturdy construction, and options ranging from easy access to archiving

    Open-side storage cabinet. 

    This modular system works perfectly for small spaces because it optimizes the space of the collaborators by being functional on both sides


    The low-pressure material of the bookcase provides benefits and durability. 

    Our storage systems allow you to store all kinds of materials in an orderly and optimized way.


    Do you think Gebesa can help you solve your office storage problems?  Contact us.

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    The best cubicle workstation with office dividers for your company.
    by Gebesa | 7 March 2022 |

    The cubicle workstations with office dividers are the best way to distribute and separate our surroundings, to better organize our office space. 

    Modular furniture offers advantages thanks to the flexibility of use and the ease of adaptation according to the needs. 



    To choose the cubicle workstation that works best for your business, you'll need to think about:

    • How many users utilize the space? 
    • What is the style of the company? 
    • Size: How much space is in the office? 
    • Function: What type of work is performed? 
    • Budget: Depends on the model, design, and durability. 

    Gebesa has an extensive list of options of cubicle systems with office dividers with different functions, budgets, and finishes that can be adapted to the colors of the corporate or company. 



    Its unique tile configuration allows you to design stylish, flexible workspaces using modern finishes and cutting edge materials.

    It optimizes spaces thanks to its multiple configurations that adapt to different levels of interaction or privacy among users. 

    Creatively and technologically engineered ELITE has the capacity for complete voice, data and power management.



    The optimus cubicle workstation is Gebesa's most technological system since it offers optimum wire-management capability thanks to its beltline raceway that allows access to power and/or voice and data at work surface level


    This modular collection allows for multiple configurations to optimize space and create organized, productive workplaces. 

    Various panel finishes follow the latest trends in interior design to create modern, progressive work environments.



    SYNERGY'S cubicle workstation is based on upholstered monolithic panels, creating fun spaces with simple acoustic solutions. 

    Easy to assemble and designed for wire-manage capabilities, this is a collection inspired by productivity and efficiency.

    Provides a quick solution to the specific requirements of dynamic workplaces without sacrificing the functionality and image of your organization, along with a wide variety of accessories to customize your workstations.


    The panels are made under the characteristics of individual work, but allow coexistence with colleagues, as they have a perfect size that allows conjunction and integration.


     Create the perfect space for your office with Gebesa’s help!  



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