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      Oct 10 , 2019
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    How to create a home office while the economy is affected by COVID-19
    by Gebesa | 25 March 2020 |   office equipment and furniture

    If you are thinking about the home office as an alternative to the COVID-19, click here for tips on to how to implement it successfully.

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    Office security and privacy
    by Gebesa | 12 March 2020 |

    With the increasing rate of cybercrime, the threat to the security of a company has started to feel more real. From leaking of confidential information and having company data to fraud companies stealing money from companies, it is all possible unless you have the right security in place.

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    Office safety: Tips and it’s importance
    by Gebesa | 10 March 2020 |

    An office seats the entire human resources of a company. The employees come to an office building to offer their services to the company and contribute to its growth. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the employees that enter the office premises are safe in the building.

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    Office flooring needs
    by Gebesa | 6 March 2020 |   office design

    People usually believe that flooring is only necessary to keep the office ground leveled for walking. It is essential to design the flooring in such a way that serves the functional purpose, yet doesn't look cheap. Moreover, if you do not use the right material for flooring, then it can lead to major problems. People walking on the floor can actually slip if the flooring has no grip. If walking on the floor produces too much noise then it can disturb the people working in the same room.

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    Office storage solutions
    by Gebesa | 4 March 2020 |

    An office environment needs to be free of clutter for the space to look attractive. If you have too much stuff stacked up in every corner of the room, it can look shabby and can give your office an air of disorder. To prevent this disorderly from seeping into your employees, you need to declutter the office. But what are these items comprised of?

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    Things to know about air conditioning in the office
    by Gebesa | 2 March 2020 |

    The primary benefit of air conditioners is to keep the room cool and the air fresh. While air conditioning is essential to ensure that your employees are comfortable, it comes with a secondary benefit as well. Air conditioners dehumidify the air in a room to prevent bacteria and germs from taking over the workplace. However, if an air conditioner is not properly maintained then it can do the opposite of what it is supposed to. This means that the air from the air conditioner can become a cause for the spread of sickness if it is not working efficiently.

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    Choose the right color scheme for your office
    by Gebesa | 27 February 2020 |   office design

    The color of walls in any room influences the vibes in the room. Studies suggest that colors can be intentionally used to create a space that is inviting yet professional. Colors can also be used to bring alive the thematic ideas that you have in mind for an office space. However, when it comes to color schemes, there is no dearth of options. There are so many color combinations available that they can confuse people. It can be hard to select one color out of many, especially if you are aware of how a specific color impacts the environment. Taking the help of a color expert or an office design agency can help you select a color for your office.

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    The Importance of Workforce Comfort
    by Gebesa | 25 February 2020 |   workspaces   Productivity at work

    Human resources are the company's biggest assets. If the employees of the company do not work, the operations and management will come to a halt. When the employees are dedicated and devoted to the company and its goals, the company will flourish. The employees of a company must be cared for by the management and feel satisfied in the company.


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