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      Oct 3 , 2019
    8 Modern Office Features

    Color, lighting, open spaces, decoration, among others, are some of the characteristics of modern offices.

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    Office Design Trends in 2022.
    by Gebesa | 28 February 2022 |

    We are looking at 2022 as a year of adaptation, especially in the office. The style, spaces, and social interaction of work have changed.

    That's why functional changes in office decoration are always good. Here we’ll present you the decoration trends for this year that will make hybrid work a little easier and more enjoyable. 

    Collaborative Spaces

    Shared spaces serve to create a teamwork environment with a common goal

    Unlike the idea of isolation in the office, employees are looking to be able to interact and collaborate with their colleagues, something they could not do when working from home. 

    The prime cabinet optimizes the workspace. It is a versatile unit that can be used alone or in conjunction with other pieces. Ideal for private offices or shared areas


    The cabinet is divided to store different items. The 2 doors are ideal for conveniently hiding items that are not necessary to keep in plain sight. While, on the lower left side, 3 drawers that slide and have a lock. 

    Zones for rest and leisure in the workspace

    Nowadays companies advocate the well-being of their employees, that is why resting rooms have become popular in the workspace.  

    A concept where you can take a short break, chat with your colleagues, and feel renewed and less stressed.


    The lounge with axil is the perfect place to take a break from work and take time to relieve built-up tension. 

    Office Digitization

    Over the past year, remote work has been the most logical and easiest option, thanks to the possibilities offered by technology and digital tools. 

    Adapting the workspace towards digitization involves a design that takes into account the placement of cameras, the use of screens, and good lighting. 

    The mobile multimedia hub is the perfect option for this type of office space due to its modern and functional aesthetics which provides comfortable areas that invite to create, share ideas and stimulate creativity.  


    New needs require new solutions and Gebesa is happy to be part of your solution. 

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    Head Office Furniture
    by Gebesa | 28 February 2022 |

    Executive offices are the company's base of operations, multifunctional, and a workplace for core company executives. 

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    Office Tech Furniture
    by Gebesa | 28 January 2022 |

    Today, technological innovations have transformed all aspects of our lives, including the work environment. 

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    Advantages of a monitor arm
    by Gebesa | 24 January 2022 |

    Nowadays technology is a fundamental part of our lives, we spend a large part of our day in front of a screen. Therefore, having alternatives that make the long hours more pleasant are always welcome.

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    5 Places to install a credenza in your office
    by Gebesa | 16 January 2022 |

    We start 2022 and we focus on being our best version, in all aspects of our lives.

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    Modular Desk System and Workstation
    by Gebesa | 20 December 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design

    Renew your workspace and give it new life with Gebesa!

    This new era brings new labor challenges, from the prevailing need to adapt to the environment, keeping with the rhythm of society, to the obstacles imposed by global health issues.

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    One Simple Step to Success with your Office Furniture Projects
    by Gebesa | 6 December 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design

    This year, we were encouraged to improvise about our working routines. And at one point, when the New Normality came around, we were starting to take some control over our daily life.

    Gebesa thinks that this is the right step to take and be successful with your Office Furniture Projects

    We are Talking about Design (and Getting the Right Balance)

    office furniture projects

    Gebesa provides a well-designed and appropriate Working Area. We can ensure that you will be able to manage your space efficiently. And communicate your company’s values, and overcome any challenges that can happen at your office space in the New Normality.

    A well-designed and appropriate Working Area can make your organization run faster and more efficiently. Working this way helps us to find solutions for new problems that can happen in the New Normality. Because returning to the office could be a huge transition. That is why we need to find the right combination of space, furniture, and decoration. This will allow your Office Furniture Projects to be more efficient, produce better quality work and prevent delays that could affect the entire organization

    Gebesa can make it easier to handle all kinds of transitions that might happen at your office. Having the right balance in your Working Area will make your Office Furniture Projects a total success.

    Design is taking a crucial role in making sure your organization attracts and retains a customer base.

    Office Furniture Projects need a well-designed and appropriate Working Area to be a reality.

    Our pledge is simple:

    Get High-Quality Furnishing and Storage solutions with the best Cost-Benefit ratio in the market.

    You can check our blog and read our Success Stories.

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    It's Time to Get this Standing Desk by Gebesa
    by Gebesa | 29 November 2021 |   Workplace Design   office design   office interior design   conference room

    Let's be specific. After we spend 8 hours a day at work, we may have Back Pain. A good night's rest is always good, obviously. We recharge our energy and after breakfast we are ready to go back to the office. 

    It is normal that we can experience Back Pain again. 

    Gebesa offers an Ergonomic solution to this common problem: ASCEND Height Adjustable Desks 


    This Standing Desk is part of the ASCEND Collection

    standing desk

    There may be big changes in the Work Environment in 2022. Could one of these changes be the ability to stand while working? If you work this way, it may appear that you are not taking your job seriously. But one reality is that spending a lot of time sitting can be bad for your Health.

    The problem of Back Pain is something we can all talk about. Perhaps a Standing Desk can become part of the Work Environment and bring benefits. It is time to try something new!


    Let's Keep the Conversation Simple

    A couple of years ago, I saw a movie where the plot took place in an office. There was a scene that caught my attention. A special moment that I had to pause to be able to look closely.

    A character was working standing at his desk. "How nice is your Standing Desk", one of the coworkers told him. "Thanks, you know, you have to keep moving," he replied. It was enough with just one scene to be completely interested in the idea of ​​getting a Standing Desk. And why not? This should be one of the big changes in the Work Environment in 2022.

    We can take little breaks, like going to the break room for a glass of water and having a conversation with a co-worker about anything. It's funny how the conversation can turn out to be about having Back Pain. "I'm thinking of getting a Standing Desk", he says. "That would be great, being able to continue working while standing could help me too", he replied. It sounds like a scene from another movie, but it's a conversation that surely happens a lot in the Work Environment.

    And why is this story important? Because it simplifies what we are always looking for in the way we work. That we achieve the productivity we are looking for and at the same time that we enjoy a healthy physical state. We are tired of always talking about Back Pain right?


    ASCEND is Not Just a Height Adjustable Desk

    We must make one thing clear, this whole thing is not about forgetting to work all the time in the normal way. The Standing Desk is an alternative that should be considered to complement the Work Environment in 2022.

    We can be sure that none of the so-called big changes that will happen will be definitive in the way we work. We keep trying new things. That will never change.

    So why don't you take a deep look at the ASCEND Collection?

    ASCEND Height Adjustable Desks are high quality, yet affordable and easy to assemble, making dependable height adjustability products available to everyone in the workplace.


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