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      Oct 10 , 2019
    Executive office design, features, and examples

    Learn how to design your executive offices with the help of the latest interior design trends. 

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    Eco-Friendly office Solutions
    by Gebesa | 18 February 2020 |

    Ecological office solutions are becoming popular among companies. Both customers and employees today prefer to work with businesses that do their part in saving the earth.

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    Why Office Design Is So Important
    by Gebesa | 12 February 2020 |   office design

    There are many approaches that you can take to improve the office design and make it more suitable for your employees. Read more here. 

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    Why You Need To Pay Special Attention To Office Lighting
    by Gebesa | 7 February 2020 |   office design

    Lighting in an office is one of the many factors that are not focused upon during designing. 

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    Using Office Design Services
    by Gebesa | 5 February 2020 |   office design

    If you are inexperienced at designing office spaces, then you can take the help of Office Design Services for the task.

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    Popular Office Decor Styles And Their Impact
    by Gebesa | 3 February 2020 |   office design

    The interiors of your office must give a company overview before it has been delivered by a person. But how will you do that?

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    Ergonomic Office Equipment Explained
    by Gebesa | 30 January 2020 |   ergonomic office furniture

    Ergonomics is the study of how people adapt to the tools available in their work environment. The focus of the ergonomic study is to increase the comfort of employees, which directly impacts their productivity. Moreover, comfortable employees are happy, motivated, and more likely to achieve personal and organizational goals. 

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    What Office Equipment Should You Aquire?
    by Gebesa | 28 January 2020 |   office equipment and furniture

    To acquire the office equipment you need to thoroughly look at the job of your employees and the things they need to complete their job.

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    Office Furniture To Suit Your Needs
    by Gebesa | 23 January 2020 |   Office Furniture   Productivity at work

    Office furniture significantly impacts the productivity, environment and hierarchy in the office. Must be chosen carefully and with special attention to ergonomics.


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